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The rock of Polynesia

Living Reefs
Tulagi Dive, Honiara

A tiny island in the southwest Pacific is one of the best kept secrets in the diving world. Everyone knows where Fiji, Vanuatu and Tonga are, but few are familiar with Niue. Forget the golden beaches scenario, Niue is a limestone pinnacle rising out of the blue Pacific  just three hours northeast of New Zealand. This unique island offers some of the clearest water in the world as well as some unique dive sites.

It did cause a bit of a stir. I was a panelist at the Brunei National Environment Conference a few years ago. The panel’s topic was conservation of the oceans and the conference venue, the Empire Hotel, had shark-fin soup on the menu. When the moderator for the panel discussion called for a show of hands to indicate who would support boycotting the soup, I voted against it. In fact, I think I was the only person who did.

We descend past forty, fifty, sixty metres when the ghostly outline of the USS Aaron Ward comes into view. I hold the descent line as the initial impact of nitrogen narcosis settles down. I concentrate on diving right. I take care to get perfect buoyancy, check contact with my buddies, my camera and proceed to get some photos. I only have thirteen minutes bottom time. All the while, I am entranced by the incredible upright war grave.

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