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Tiny Island efforts go a long way

Indonesia's luxurious dive boat


Using less plastic, throwing less
plastic, supporting sustainable fishing, recycling, buying tuna from a dolphin
safe fishery, us ocean lovers do what
we can to protect the big blue. But protecting something so vast, with so
many affecting factors, one’s efforts
may feel like a drop in the ocean.
Nevertheless, small scales can make
a huge difference, and such is the
story of Apo Island, one of the first
Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the
Philippines, making marine
conservation history one fish at
a time.
The aquatic nation of the Philippines
is a global hotspot for marine diversity, situated in the northwestern corner
of the Coral Triangle, the world’s most
biodiverse marine area, home to
75% of the world’s coral species and
40% of the world’s fish.

Imagine your task is to set up the
best live aboard dive boat in
You begin by planning every system of the dive operation, designing and then building to create the dive platform of your dreams. This planning needs to cater for the everyday demands of guests and excellent diving, comfortable accommodation, luxurious surroundings, artistic and cultural decorations and high quality cuisine.
That is what it takes to build a world class luxurious dive boat. And that is precisely what Luigi, the owner has successfully done to cater for the discerning diver.
The Arenui is a 140ft long Phinisi timber dive boat that operates out of Komodo and Raja Ampat. It is a great diving operation! The name Arenui means “little waves”.

It's haunting to consider the history
that's contained within the Micronesian
The 20th century was a period of
massive upheaval; wars and atomic
testing forever changed the islands
of the western Pacific and the destinies
of its people. Chuuk Lagoon is at
the heart of the turmoil. The state had
already changed hands multiple
times by the outbreak of World War II
in 1939. By 1942, it's calm protected
waters provided the Japanese
Naval forces with an ideal forward base.
When American reconnaissance spotted
the fleet anchored here in February 1944,
a full scale attack was hastily drafted
and US forces quickly moved within range.
Within five days, Operation Hailstone laid
waste to the armada and shattered the
tranquility of the lagoon.
Nicknamed the ‘Japanese Pearl Harbour’,
the attack condemned over 70 vessels
and thousands of souls to the bottom
of the lagoon.

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