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The Solomon Islands has nine hundred and ninety two islands spread across an
area nearly the size of Europe. It is revered by serious dive travellers for its rich fish and coral life, its WW2 wrecks and the incredible culture of the people.
There are five main dive areas,
including diving from Guadalcanal from Honiara.
One to three hours north of Honiara lie the Florida Islands.
A few hours west by boat are the Russel Islands and a further eight hours west lies Marovo Lagoon. The far West Provinces
are another twelve hours away.
Each has great diving.
You can plan your trip so that the four-hour flight from Brisbane to Honiara has you on board ready for your dive adventure the
same day that you left home.
In this article, I am going to focus on the
Russell Islands. There are a lot of
great dives here.

In the rich, murky waters of Sydney
live many highly cryptic forms of marine life. They depend on maintaining a state of near invisibility for their very survival. Most are very difficult to find. They
have a number of special tricks that are the ‘stuff’ of a secret underworld in the ocean.
I admire the many ways some marine
life try to avoid detection. As a
dedicated fish watcher, I revel in the
tricks that many creatures have to
‘hide in plain sight.’
The art of remaining invisible is a
matter of life and death in this most
violent and wild of all ecosystems….
the world’s oceans. To remain
undetected is to survive and hopefully prosper and go on to breed.
As is I like to say, there is magic in the ocean, for those that have eyes to see. 

Tonga has long had an international reputation as the best place in the world to swim with humpback whales. Historically, Vava’u was the main destination catering for whale swim activities but due to an increase in whale swim operators this has seen other destinations such as Tongatapu and more recently Eua Island become increasingly popular with international guests who want to swim with humpback whales without the “hustle and bustle” of so many operators in Vava’u.

Tongatapu and Eua Island is where l now operate my whale swim charter business, namely Whale Dive Tonga. www.whaledivetonga.com  We have been operating for five years and have two custom built whale swim vessels and a team of whale swim professionals. Our team consists of marine biologists, professional photographers and free diving instructors along with expert local guides!

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