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Diving Western Victoria’s ‘Drowned Apostles’

A Long Weekend with Fiji's Wonderful Sharks

Acceleration of Climate Change Charting the Future of Our Oceans

While mapping Victoria’s seabed with the most advanced sonar system in the world, scientists were shocked to discover 5 sea stacks, 6 kms offshore from Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Relatives of the iconic Twelve Apostles, these so-called ‘Drowned Apostles’ are the only known surviving limestone sea stacks preserved underwater in the world.

For something completely different we recently jumped on a plane for a diving long weekend in Fiji. We have been to Fiji a number of times and love the fabulous diving found around this South Pacific nation. But the idea for a Fiji long weekend came about because of a book project called Diving With Sharks.

We have seen our planet from space, had access to the deepest canyons of the ocean, deciphered the infinitesimal DNA structure of life, and discovered unimaginable species—but we’ve also seen our own destructive influence on the planet’s complex network of life.

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