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EVERYONE knows the SS President Coolidge is one of those truly iconic dives that most divers dream to experience. With its wealth of history, immense size and ease of diving, this wreck offers so many options to divers at all levels and is definitely a site that belongs in the “Must Dive“ Box.
There are several well experienced and professional dive operations taking divers to the Coolidge so organising diving is easy, and the fact that some of these local Ni-Vanuatu dive masters have done in excess of 14,000 dives on this wreck alone means that you should prepare yourself for a plethora of relics, history and equipment to be shown to you – so listen carefully to your briefing topside!
Bear in mind too that while the logistics of diving this iconic wreck have become easier as decades have passed, the same risks remain.


MY wife and I were fortunate to be able to travel out to, and dive, the Rowley Shoals for 5 days diving at the beginning of September, 2018. The Rowley Shoals are a group of three coral atolls situated approximately 170 nautical miles west of Broome, Western Australia. We spent all our time on two of the attols, Mermaid Reef and Clerke Reef in which our vessel moored itself for the five nights we were there. Clerke Reef also had a small sandy island (Bedwell Island) which was great to relax on when we weren't diving. The Rowley Shoals are a Marine Park protected by the W.A. and Federal governments; each of the days we were out there patrolling aircraft conducted low altitude fly bys to ensure we were only doing what we were supposed to be doing!!!! The Shoals can really only be visited during the months of September and October with the weather being problematic at other times.


TULUGI is a very relaxing and tranquil destination in the Solomon Islands, and a popular weekend getaway for people escaping nearby busy Honiara. However, Tulagi wasn’t always a quiet and peaceful location, as it was at the centre of the action during World War II. Once the capital of the British Solomon Islands, Tulagi was bombed and captured by the Japanese and then bombed and recaptured by the Allies - with the fierce fighting leaving a legacy of war relics for divers to explore.

Tulagi is a small island in the Nggela Islands, and the capital of the Central Province. Considering the island is located only a one-hour boat ride from Honiara, it is often overlooked by divers visiting the Solomon Islands. But if you are into ship and plane wrecks from World War II, then Tulagi is a must do destination.



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